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What had been a peaceful retreat during their working years turned into too much solitude “When we tried to do it 24/7, it was deadly quiet for us,” Loretta says. In general, major financial crises strike rather infrequently—perhaps once in 20 or even 50 years—making it exceedingly difficult for regulators to stay vigilant. All that can be done is to stabilize the institution with an extraordinary infusion of taxpayer dollars. Such determinations would be made continuously, not simply in bad times, so that a complete list of financial institutions deemed to have “systemic significance” would always be publicly available. Almost everyone now recognizes that the government has a critical role to play—as the lender, insurer, and spender of last resort—in times of crisis big it firms seen consolidating. Many people head toward retirement as part of a couple. Stay in shape Keeping physically fit will help you stay on the job and give you energy that will make you appealing to prospective employers, says Kerry Hannon, a career and retirement expert big it firms seen consolidating. Ultimately, under the system proposed here, no financial institution would be too big to fail. They are also the institutions that, as we have seen, helped drive the crisis on the way up (by inflating the bubble) and on the way down (by provoking a fire sale in the financial markets). It is precisely the fear of such unwelcome attention that would help keep regulators on the straight and narrow. But when they finally moved there, they lasted just a few months.   The best way to address this threat is by identifying, regulating, and potentially insuring systemically significant financial institutions continuously, before crisis strikes.

Although the Federal Reserve might seem an attractive home, because it has a great deal of financial expertise already, the “Fed” was never designed to be particularly transparent. That may not be enough to get you where you want to go. Don’t confuse retirement and holidays You can use vacations to check out possible retirement locales. Or your finances may be pinched by new challenges, like a career setback or obligations to aging parents. The underlying problem can no longer be prevented. Keep in mind, though, that vacationing in a spot is different from actually living there. On the contrary, it has long been thought that an effective central bank requires a substantial degree of insulation from democratic impulses. Getting on the same page about saving and planning for post-career life is critical for couples in their 50s, for whom retirement is suddenly not that far away. One potentially attractive option—a convertible debt rule—would involve a regulatory requirement and trigger, but no government guarantee. The Obama administration now calls these institutions “Tier 1 Financial Holding Companies. After more than a year of massive federal rescues and bailouts of major financial firms, that guarantee is now rock solid. Vanguard has a tool that can help you rough out a retirement budget.

As a result, regulators often feel the need to prop up such institutions when they falter to avoid a messy and potentially destructive bankruptcy process. And the threat posed by these institutions is only compounded by the unprecedented federal guarantees introduced in response to the current crisis and the pervasive moral hazard they spawn. Instead, we need a receivership process that works, so regulators don’t have to be afraid to let a systemically significant financial institution fail.
. Starting at age 50, you can add an extra $6,000 a year to a 401(k), up to a $24,000 maximum; IRA investors can put in an extra $1,000, for a total of $6,500 a year. To keep your retirement saving from going off track, brainstorm with your child to come up with a plan toward financial independence. Russ worked out a plan that could enable them to retire before age 60, assuming they set aside about 20% of their pay each year. That paper grew out of his work for the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel and a draft report on financial regulatory reform he prepared for the panel. If you won’t be able to retire in your early or mid-sixties, make sure you’re in a job that will take you the distance. Beth Weimer, 57, says neither she nor husband Russ, 56, “really planned well during our first marriages. This is the best way to limit moral hazard and, at the same time, avoid regulatory complacency and capture over the long term. com, and that smaller condo might have a higher levy than your current house. “Set both short-term and longterm goals to make it more achievable,” says Kathleen Adams, a financial planner in Redondo Beach, Calif.


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